About Hope
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What is HOPE?

HOPE, Inc. is the only Peer-and Family-Run behavioral health and substance abuse Intake and Coordination of Care (ICC) Agency in Arizona. HOPE provides all covered behavioral health services (psychiatric, counseling, medication, crisis, psychosocial, rehabilitation and support services) for all populations eligible for the public behavioral health system in Southern Arizona. Every employee at HOPE is either a peer or a family member, and dedicated to creating an environment where our Members can determine what's best for their recovery. To learn more about HOPE’s services visit: www.hopearizona.org

Why did HOPE create this campaign?

Because we know you’re worried about mental health. And you’re not alone.

We know what it’s like to be worried about our own mental health, or the mental health of a loved one. We know what it’s like to be worried about the mental health of the community in which you love and live. We also know what it’s like to be terrified to talk about it – especially when it means asking for help.

At HOPE, 100% of our staff identify as either a peer (someone who has had their own experiences with mental health challenges) or a family member (someone who has helped a family member through a mental health challenge). So, really – we know what it’s like.

How does HOPE work?

HOPE uses an innovative model that actually encourages people to talk openly and honestly about mental health without judgement – which has the power to neutralize the worry. This concept – peer and family support – is based in the concept that when people use empathy from their own experience to understand another person’s mental health worries, both individuals feel supported. And when people feel supported, they are more likely to take steps towards their own mental health recovery, or to help a family member through their recovery.

We use peer and family support as our primary tool at HOPE, and it works. We want you to share in that success too, because your success is Southern Arizona’s success.

If our information resources help you or your loved one, we hope you will visit our (Get Involved) page and take action to help someone else have the courage to talk about it.